Everything You Need to Know About Back pain

An Overview of Back Pain

Lower back forms an association amid the upper and lower parts of the body. Lower back pain usually affects the area underneath your ribs and above the legs. As it is responsible for carrying most of your body’s weight, it could easily be hurt or damaged due to lifting, twisting, or even bending in some awkward position.

What Are The Reasons for A Back Pain?

There could possibly be a number of reasons for back pain. It may also be caused due to overwork, stress, or even an injury. Age is also an important factor contributing to back pain because as you get older your muscles and bones tend to become weak and thus become vulnerable to damage or injury. Also, as you grow older the spongy disk amid the bones of the spine becomes unable to provide the required cushion between the bones, and thus the bones become even more exposed to injuries.

Being in depression or stress for a long period of time can also make you suffer from chronic back pains.

In most cases, it is the strained muscles that really causes the back pain, but back pain due to strained muscles can easily be treated and usually does not lasts long provided the patients undergoes and follows regular treatment.

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Another common reason of back pain is a ruptured intervertebral disc or herniated disc. The treatment for back pain due to herniated disc depends of the position and situation of the individual patient.

A damage to the intervertebral disc results in discogenic back pain. A Disco-gram is usually required to diagnose this type of lower back pain.

Does My Age Causes A Back Pain?

Age factor also makes people to suffer from lower back pain. Spinal stenosis is the main reason of back pain in people with relatively old age. Apart from that, arthritis is also another cause of back pain in people with old age. Due to arthritis, the spinal canal becomes constricted which usually results in the form of back pain in older people. Also, lumbar spine arthritis causes difficulty in moving and in dealing with your back pain.

Other causes of back pain.

Apart from the mentioned causes of back pain, some other causes of back pain are osteoporosis and spondylolisthesis. Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and fragile. Moreover, it is also related to compression fractures of the vertebral column which lead to lower back pain. In case of spondylolisthesis, the vertebral column becomes unbalanced and starts to slip or slide from its actual position. This usually can lead to severe back problems.

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What Should I Do To Avoid Back Pain?

In order to avoid back pain from occurring, you must always sit in chairs which have straight backs or contain a low back support. You must also keep your knees slightly raised than the level of your hips. When you need to move around, your must move your whole body rather than just twisting your waist. You can also support your back by putting a small pillow behind your lower back in case you are supposed to sit continuously for a longer period of time.

How long does it take to recover?

People mostly recover from back pain in few weeks by just avoiding stress on their spine. However, you must at once seek your doctor whenever you get to suffer from back pain and not take it lightly in any case.

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Back Pain Treatments.

Many of us suffer from the discomfort of back pains. Either back pain is because of sudden mishap or injury. It might be the result of poor posture or it might be caused by the lack of exercise. But whatsoever is the case, it is best to get information about how to treat back pain and how to prevent it from happening again. If one is suffering from severe back pain then generally the person is more prone to mood swings and feels unhappy. With failure to carryout daily routine properly and feeling low then the quality of life obviously suffers tremendously.

Back Pain Massage Therapy.

First method of therapy is by the use of warmth or ice on one’s back with the help of ice pack. The person who is suffering form back pain might apply the pressure on his back for no less than 10 minutes after every 2hrs for at least two days. To avoid one from having frostbite, it is suggested that there should be a layer of cloth between the ice pack and body. When using the heat, person suffering from the pain can get a hot shower or use a hot towel on the affected part.

For others who want a comforting relaxation method, massage does give excellent cure. It frees the back from pain. If someone wants to learn about the massage then he/she can easily get lots of books on what the appropriate method of a massage is.

Medicines for Back Pain.

There are also medicines used to reduce the back pain, for instance aspirins is a pain killer and helps in reducing any sort of pain. But before using any medicine one must consult a doctor. But for back pain not to happen again, the following actions are suggested.

Exercise And Rest For Back Pain Relief.

Exercise and rest are two most important activities that can reduce back pains. The reason of a back pain is at times strained muscles and in order for these muscles to be cured, they need to be exercised. Once going through a therapeutic massage or heat and ice pack methods, the person undergoing from back pain should stretch those muscles. As for having a rest, one should lie down on his back with his knees bent up. It is not wise to lie down on tummy or with legs straightened out.

Entertaining activities for instance running, swimming and riding might also help one to lessen his back pain. Ensure that the activities that one is doing are not as exhausting. So, sports like bowling, cricket, hockey tennis and golf are not recommended to people who are suffering from back pain because these all games involve twisting and bending. One should not take back pains lightly because these pains might cause much more severe injury.

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