Top 6 Sinusitis Symptoms and How to Get Relief Fast

 Too often, people associate sinusitis symptoms as aftermath of their bad colds or influenza. If you are one those who tend to ignore the mucus dripping in your nose especially when it has already turned yellow or green, then you must reconsider your actions. For all you know, you may be experiencing symptoms of sinusitis.
Everyone has sinuses which are described as hollowed spaces in the bones of the face containing air. These are found in the cheeks, forehead and the surrounding bones of the eyes. These are interconnected and these would typically give warmth and moisture to the air during inhalation. These would function as a sifter of the dust particles which many people would inevitably inhale.
Sinusitis refers to the inflammation of the sinuses. A lot of people get infections in their sinuses whenever they have colds or nasal allergies.

6 Most Common Symptoms of Sinusitis 

  1. Pressure in the face – You would feel a certain pressure in your face especially when you’re leaning forward. When there is too much mucus in your sinuses, you would feel that your face is bloating or swelling. This is one of the very popular sinusitis symptoms which you should pay attention to. 
  2. Headache– A stuffy or runny nose can also lead to severe headache. More often than not, you would dismiss the pain in your head as something that influenza would bring. If you continue to bear with the pain without taking extra precautions, it could bring about a more serious illness such as sinusitis. So, it is best to have a time frame set in observing your headache. If you notice that after a couple of self-medications, the headache persists, then, you must take the next step of determining whether the headache is related to sinusitis.
  3. Blocked nose– This occurs during a cold but this becomes severe when sinusitis sets in. There are also occasions when you would experience nasal allergies due to dust mites and you’re nose becomes itchy. At first, the irritation is bearable but when it hits the linings of your sinuses, it could lead to blocking of your nose. Believe it or not, this allergy can also be brought about by the chlorine in swimming pools. So, the next time you go swimming, be extra careful. 
  4. Green-colored mucus (or sometimes, yellow-colored mucus)- Normally, mucus is transparent when colds occur. When you have prolonged runny nose, this color develops into green or yellow. Observe how your mucus looks like so that you can have an early assessment of your condition. 
  5. Fever – Eventually, when you feel all of the other sinusitis symptoms, you will either simultaneously feel feverish or you will develop fever afterwards. It is a cue that your immune system is being attacked and you need immediate medical attention. 
  6. Tooth pain – especially in the upper jaw- One of the unique sinusitis symptoms is the pain in the upper area of your jaw, most particularly the teeth in this portion. You will notice this as the sinusitis continues to complicate.
Sinus Clearing TIP! Remember that acute sinusitis could develop rapidly so, it is best to catch them as early as possible. These sinusitis symptoms should be a heads up for you. 

How to Get Relief Fast from Sinus Infections?

Treating a sinus infection can be done through a variety of ways. It is up to you to decide if you prefer medications, irrigation, or herbal remedies.

Medical Sinusitis Treatment(Antibiotics ).

Sinusitis Treatment by antibiotics is mainly used in the case of a bacterial infection, as viral and fungal infections are unaffected by antibiotics. The antibiotics work in conjunction with several other medications that are used to rid your sinuses of infection. 
While the antibiotics kill the main bacteria, decongestant medications are used to reduce swelling of the nasal tissues and allow mucous to flow out. The pain of a sinus headache is reduced by taking an over the counter pain/fever reducer, such as Ibuprofen. Mucolytics are used to thin the mucous and help it out of the nose faster. 

Natural Sinusitis Treatment. 

There are many ways to go natural when looking for sinusitis treatment. 
  • The first step one should take in their natural approach is consuming apple cider vinegar. This vinegar helps to immediately loosen phlegm and mucous to drive bacteria out of your system. 
  • Classic common cold remedies such as chicken soup and hot water are also great sinusitis treatment methods. To top it off, other foods such as garlic, jalepeno peppers, horse raddish, and wassabi are known for their sinus opening abilities. 
  • If spicy foods are not your thing, then try some fruits such as strawberries or oranges that contain a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to counteract sinusitis infections. One of the most recommended sinusitis treatments is to use steam. 
  • This can be as easy as sitting in the bath room with a hot shower running, or by boiling water and inhaling the steam from underneath a towel. Boiling the water with a few cloves of garlic in it is also an effective way at treating sinusitis. 
  • Furthermore, putting oil from the eucalyptus plant into the steam also helps recovery while delivering a pleasantly peaceful aroma. 
With the help of this guide you should be equipped with all the necessary tools and knowledge to fight and stave off sinusitis infection. Whether you prefer medicines, system cleansing, or natural and herbal remedies, there are many ways to treat a sinus infection. 

Nasal Irrigation Sinusitis Treatment. 

Using nasal irrigation products for sinusitis treatment are also effective. These products should also be used as preventive measures to sinusitis, and in conjunction with the sinusitis treatment medicine you are taking. Nasal irrigation products such as the SinuPulse Elite work by cleansing your sinuses of mucous and bacteria that your sinuses have trouble getting rid of. The SinuPulse Elite pushes water into your sinuses and out the other nostril to clear your system of impurities. This nasal irrigation system is also great for flushing out allergens, pet dander, and other pollutants that your sinuses take in on a daily basis. 

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