Top 13 Tips to Prevent Sinus Allergy Attacks.

                           Sinus allergies are caused by various airborne substances that we inhale through our nose or mouth. Some of these irritate the sinuses and can result in allergies. An example is pollen, a small particle produced by flowering plants, which enters the body while breathing.
Over time, these pollen allergens may hinder the mucus from draining properly. When the mucus accumulates, it creates the perfect breeding area for bacteria and viruses. This leads to infections and nasal blocks. While allergy problems can occur at any time of the year, the majority of sinus allergies occur mainly in late summer, spring and early fall seasons. 
During these periods when the air is moisture free and dry, it is the opportune time for airborne particles like ragweed and pollen to spread through the air. Hence, this time is very crucial for allergy-related diseases.

Common Nasal Sinus Allergy Symptoms.

Some of the most common nasal sinus allergy Symptoms are headache, facial tenderness, pain, or pressure and fever. There may also be ear pressure or pain. Those affected may notice an increased headache and sensitivity when they lean forward because of the extra pressure placed on the sinuses. Other symptoms include nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, bad breath or bad taste and watery eyes. One or more of these symptoms are likely to make a person fatigued and weak all day long.

Tips to Prevent Sinus Allergy Attacks.

           If you suffer from some kind of allergy then you will know, only too well, how rotten and miserable they can make you feel and in order to get relief from your problem, you probably take a trip to the local drug store to get some form of medication.
However, people are becoming increasingly concerned about these drug based medications, because of the potential side effects that they can produce, such as drowsiness which in some circumstances can be dangerous. Consequently there is a groundswell of interest in ways to get effective Natural allergy relief which does not produce any adverse side effects.
If you are one of these enlightened folk, the following information should be helpful. The most simple and obvious way to combat allergic reactions is to identify what triggers them and then avoid contact with it/them. In the case of a particular food that could be quite simple but what about dust mites, for example, which are found everywhere in the home and are extremely difficult to get rid of.

13 Best Tips to Prevent Allergy Attacks .

The following information highlights a number of ways in which you can effectively prevent allergy attacks by reducing the possible contact with the triggers that cause them.


  1. Monitor the weather, and avoid going outdoors on those days when the pollen count is high.
  2. During periods of high pollen counts keep windows closed and avoid open grassed areas such as fields, parks and gardens.
  3. Wearing close-fitting sunglasses will help prevent pollen from blowing into your eyes.
  4. Wash clothing and hair regularly to remove pollen that might cling to it.
  5. Replace carpets and rugs which tend to collect dust with hardwood or tiled floors.
  6. Regularly dust with a wet cloth and use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.
  7. Protect against dust mites by using protective covers for mattresses, box springs and pillows.
  8. Control the humidity of your home to a level lower than 50%.
  9. Limit the places that pets can go, especially from the bedroom and living room areas.
  10. Use fragrance-free cosmetic and beauty products.
  11. Avoid those foods that trigger allergies and learn how to read food labels carefully.
  12. Eating a healthy, well balanced diet will help to boost your immune system.
  13. Don’t smoke or allow others to smoke in your presence.
Even though the above simple measures will give you a high degree of protection there is every possibility that eventually you are going to suffer an allergic reaction. So, how can you gain effective natural allergy relief and not have to resort to drug based medication.
Fortunately, Mother Nature has in her medical chest, a host of naturally occurring products that, for centuries, have provided effective natural allergy relief without producing any adverse side effects. So, with an open mind and a little investigation, you should easily find a remedy for your allergy, without having to worry about what adverse effects you might suffer.
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