Sinusitis Surgery and What It Can Do

Sinus infection is a common problem that affects millions of people annually, and most sinus infections are successfully treated by medications including natural plant extracts antibiotics, nasal spray, antihistamines and flushing. 
However, some sinus sufferers require sinusitis surgery due to complications. Those patients who require surgery undergo further testing to check for underlying causes to ensure if sinusitis surgery is necessary.
 Some common testings that are done to rule out causes of sinus problems include computed tomography (CT) scan, nasal physiology, smell testing as well as blood test. These types of testing help the surgeon determine his operative strategy as well. 
After testing concludes and medication has proven unsuccessful, a physician may suggest doing an endoscope in the nasal passage. This is to see what is causing the sinus problem. While doing the endoscope, he will increase the sinus canals to facilitate better drainage, and the patient will have not have to undergo any invasive surgery as this will clear up the pain and discomforts. 
 Another procedure on the market today is the image guided surgery procedure. It is used for severe sinus problems and is proven successful when prior surgery cause complications such as altered anatomical landmarks or when the sinus area is unusual. This new procedure let surgeons guide their surgical instrument with infrared signals, which provide precise contact of the affected area providing relief. 
Caldwell Luc Operation is another sinusitis surgery use to improve the maxillary sinus drainage system. It creates a window that connects the maxillary sinus and the nose together, which improves drainage. It is often done when a patient has malignancy in their sinus cavity. 
 Having sinus surgery is beneficial to the patient because it reduces the pain and symptoms. There are no external scars and procedure is done on an outpatient basis in most cases. However, sinusitis surgery has its drawback, patient may have minimal swelling and mild discomfort, and it takes time to heal. These drawbacks are minor in comparison to invasive surgical procedure. 
People with sinus infection should know that sinusitis surgery today is not invasive as procedures done in the past, and they should discuss all options with their medical provider.

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