How do you get rid of post nasal drip?

What is Post Nasal Drip?

PND or Post Nasal Drip happens when excess mucus is produced by our sinuses and accumulates in the nose or throat. Sufferers of PND frequently experience a need to constantly swallow, experience the tickling sensation at the back of the throat, nasal and sinus passages congestion as well as chronic sore throat. Coughing and bad breath are additional symptoms connected with PND together with crystal formation on the tonsils. Because symptoms are caused by PND that could be difficult to deal and are annoying, it’s important that you take steps to make these symptoms less obvious. The most important PND remedy is to blow the nose frequently to rid of the excessive mucus that is produced on the sinuses. It can prevent the dripping of mucus from the nose since the mucus is decreased every time you blow your nose.

Post nasal drip is identified by abnormal secretions of mucous that are mostly thick.

  • Thin mucous is caused by cold weather, certain foods and spices, birth control pills, and high blood pressure medicine.
  • Thick mucous, the main perpetrator of post nasal drip, is the result of winter dryness, smoking, allergies, and dairy products.

It is common for people with post nasal drip to constantly clear their throat, spit out mucous, swallow incessantly, have difficulty breathing, and have bad breath.

How is Post Nasal Drip Treated?

In order to determine the best route of treatment, a full ear, nose, and throat exam is needed. Antibiotics may be helpful in treating a post nasal drip infection, but the drip may still persist even after the infection leaves. If this is the case then post nasal drip remedies are less treatment and more prevention methods.

  • Avoiding dairy products – Dairy had shown to be influencing an increase production of mucus in the body and it’s also important to avoid this for sufferers of postnasal drip. The extra amount of sugar found in milk & other dairy products are actually feeding bacteria, which molds the throat and the back of the nose to produce more mucus. Try soymilk instead or try other beverages that are not filled with lactose. For PND patients, water is the best since it moist the mucus lining and it allows the cilia to be at its best performance. Salt water flushing would help in clearing the throat and voice while warm water helps in keeping the sinuses moist. Mix half a teaspoon of salt with 8 ounces of warm water and gargle for 30 seconds or more.
  • Humidifier – During the months of winter, usually PND worsens but when you use a humidifier while you sleep could prevent this. Make sure to buy one that could hold up to 2 gallons of water to make it run the whole night and would allow you a peaceful sleep and to wake up without feeling stuffed. It will help in keeping the excess mucus from drying up and getting too thick to notice. You can also buy a humidifier with a menthol inhalant as this could help in clearing out the nasal passages more than with the standard humidifier.
  • Medication – can play an important role in minimizing or eliminating post nasal drip. Antihistamines will dry out your post nasal drip, while decongestants will thin the mucous and reduce swelling. Using these medicines in conjunction with each other will help to clear your nose and throat of superfluous mucous build up.
  • Rest – Rest is an important PND remedy because stress is 1 of the major causes of different illnesses. Take a few minutes a day to just focus on something you like or on yourself to forget about everything in your life that may cause stress. By taking a short time out, you’ll feel relaxed and you would notice an overall health increase. You can reduce the problem’s severity by reducing your stress. Stress can cause most nasal diseases and the body gets unbalanced because of stress. As you relax, your body is allowed to go back to its normal state. Massage or other muscle relaxation activities or meditation can help in fighting this condition.
  • Hydration – Most medication and remedies work by flushing away the mucus through loosening of the mucus. It can be loosened by drying up or by thinning. The best way for this to be achieved is by drinking plenty of water. Mucus is diluted by water and allows it to pass through the throat. When you drink hot tea or some soup would help in loosening up the mucus and soothe the sore throat as well.
  • Water vapor found in the air also helps in diluting the mucus and it can cause the puffiness or inflammation in the sinus cavities and nasal passageway to be reduced. Increasing the humidity of the air can be done by breathing in steam from the boiling water, this can also be done while you take a hot shower, or by the use of facial steamers or humidifier. Your food can aggravate and make the condition even worse. Spicy foods, caffeine, diuretics and creamy foods can increase the production of mucus and must be avoided.
  • Nasal irrigation – is also a crucial step in keeping post nasal drip at bay. Nasal washing flushes bacteria, allergens, pollutants, and most importantly, mucous, out of your sinuses. Doing this will stop post nasal drip for awhile.
  • Nasal spraysNasal douche devices – Nasal sprays, neti pots and nasal douche devices could be used for cleaning out the mucus from the throat. Products like these also are used to help in relieving any type of nasal irrigation. By gargling salt solutions or baking soda, you can also give relief to post nasal congestion.
  • The SinuPulse Elite – is also equipped with a throat Irrigator to help loosen mucous lodged in the throat. Also, the SinuPulse has a tongue cleaner to combat bad breath caused by post nasal drip. After clearing out the mucous from your sinuses, it is recommended that you use a nasal spray immediately. With the mucous gone the nasal spray is free to effectively do its job and will help get rid of post nasal drip.

Blowing of nose is something that most people overlook yet it’s very effective in clearing the PND from the front of nose. Hormones are also a cause that can increase the production of mucus as well as the tissue swelling in our nasal passages. For women who are taking pills or other oral contraceptives could find this to be an issue. If you experience constant PND, this can be caused by the hormones so you must speak with a gynecologist and learn about other options.

Heartburn could also cause similar symptoms that would resemble the PND. This can be tricky as treatment for nasal condition won’t have anything to do with the sinuses and the nasal passageway but rather with your stomach. In order to properly treat this PND type, you need to have proper treatment for your heartburn. Some medications for antihypertensive could cause the heartburn with symptoms similar to post nasal drip. In a lot of times, you’d need to consult a doctor to sort out this problem.

Some remedies would be more successful as compared to other remedies so finding the top remedy is needed for your nasal condition. Finding relief could make your day a lot better and there are helpful options out there. Make sure you have an idea what caused your PND as treatment would be more effective this way and you won’t waste your time in trying out remedies that won’t solve the problem.

By using all these methods in correlation with each other you should be able to keep your post nasal drip at a tolerable level. There is no guarantee that the condition will permanently go away, but following these routines will not only keep your post nasal drip to a minimum, but will also stave off sinus infections.

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