Be Careful When Clearing Sinuses

Most of us have problems with clearing sinuses every once in a while. Sinus passages can contain infections or become blocked as a side effect of colds or allergies. If a sinus infection lasts for over two weeks or does not get steadily better, antibiotics may be needed to clear them. For less serious cases, antibiotics may not be required. There are a number of remedies you can try to help relieve a head full of mucous. Many of them do not require any medication.

The first and quickest remedy most of us reach for to thin and drain mucous is an oral decongestant. These work by constricting the blood vessels in the face and head. Doing so allows the mucous there to thin out. Thinner mucous moves more easily and can be blown out of the nose with less effort.

As popular and easy as oral decongestants are, they are not recommended for everyone. Some people are not healthy enough to take that sort of medicine to help with clearing sinuses. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes or a thyroid condition, you should avoid them. Those conditions can be aggravated by the constriction of blood vessels.

The next most popular family of congestion remedies are chemicals and medicines that sooth the linings of the sinuses. This in turn causes the blood vessels to constrict and the mucous to thin. These are safer compounds to use as most of them are already found in the diets of most people (peppermint). Most of them are not ingested and work from the outside in, making them less dangerous. Topical decongestants are always safer than oral ones.

What about natural methods for clearing sinuses?

If you would prefer a sinus pressure relieving technique that does not involve any medicine, there are a number of natural remedies you can try. The steam from a hot shower, warm bowl of water or a warm mist humidifier partially dissolves the mucous, thinning it.

Drinking warm liquids (and liquids in general) helps by giving your body more fluid to make mucous with. This may sound counterproductive. Mucous is thick due to the number of antibodies and germs it contains. If you drink more liquids, your mucous will contain more fluid and will therefore be a thinner mixture.

Tried “Bone Rocking” For Clearing-Sinus Methods?

If you have tried all of the above and are still bothered by head congestion, you can manipulate your body a bit to relieve it. The most common method for doing this is to rock the bone that forms the hard palate in your mouth. You will only be rocking it slightly. This is not dangerous to try. To rock the bone, push your tongue up against the roof of your mouth as hard as you can. Hold for ten seconds. Push as hard as you can with your fingers in the space between your eyes. Hold for ten seconds. Repeat those steps a few times until you feel the fluid begin to drain.

Not all infections and conditions require antibiotics for clearing the sinuses. Sometimes an Over the Counter remedy will be enough to do it. Topical decongestants work quickly and are very effective. Steam and warm liquids can also thin mucous. If you do not have easy access to any of those, you might manipulate the bones in your head to get things moving.

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